Chuckle and Chortle

Saturday, June 13

The Chuckle and Chortle Comedy Show


8:30 pm

Whether you like to Chortle (a snorting, joyful laugh) or Chuckle (to laugh quietly or to oneself, to cluck or chuck, as a hen) this show is for you!  Come do one or both in Carrboro with local stand-up comedians!


Host:  Michelle Maclay

Michelle is a local comic working in NC.  She co-producers a HILARIOUS podcast called Small Town Funny with John Sideris.  They talk about performing locally, writing jokes, and about building an act away from traditional comedy meccas.  Michelle loves to host comedy and music shows…interacting with the audience, sharing live comedy with the Triangle area makes her tick and laugh!  Michelle shares insights about topics such as what it is like to not have kids but know how to raise them, all the way to dating your doctor, by appointment only.