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Saturday, April 11

Transactors Improv: Last Words

Public $15 Seniors $12 Student/Friend $10

8:00 pm

Last Words


Transactors Improv presents two acts of improvised theater with “Last Words.” Act one is short, unconnected scenes and the second part is an extended piece that lends its name to the show. In this form, the company will use audience members’ suggestions of what that they think or hope will be in their obituaries—and what will be left out. Each suggestion taken will be the basis for one of the six short episodes that comprise the form.


What will people say about you when you’re gone? What will your legacy be? You can find out without having to die by coming to see Transactors on April 11!


Transactors is both the longest-running improv company in the south and one of the longest-running in the country!


Special guest Eric Singdahlsen joins the company as both piano accompanist and as an actor. The rest of the cast includes Anoo Brod, director Greg Hohn, Bart Hubbard, Juliet Kaplan, and Jane Allen Wilson. Jenn Evans masters technical effects from the booth.